Projects close to our hearts

Lumia Care is proud to showcase the initiatives and charities Lumia Care supports. These impactful charities embody our commitment to empowering people across various spheres of life. Each organisation has been chosen for its remarkable work in breaking down barriers, fostering economic independence, and supporting the well-being in communities worldwide.

As we join forces with The Sports Bra Project in association with Women’s Sport Australia, Fitted for Work, and Women for Women International, we invite you to explore these charities’ incredible work and consider supporting their missions. From providing essential sports attire to empowering women entering the workforce and helping those in war-torn regions to rebuild their lives, these initiatives highlight the power of collective action and investment in people’s futures. Join Lumia Care in making a tangible difference in accelerates progress for all.

The Sports Bra Project: Breaking Down Barriers in the Athletic World

The Sports Bra Project, in partnership with Women’s Sport Australia, addresses a critical yet often overlooked barrier to sports participation for young women and girls globally—the lack of access to appropriate sports attire, specifically sports bras. By providing high-quality, high-impact sports bras to athletes who otherwise couldn’t afford them, this initiative empowers female athletes to participate comfortably and confidently in sports activities. This support not only aids in physical health and performance but also boosts self-esteem and promotes gender equality in sports.

This initiative breaks down barriers hindering female participation in physical activities. By investing in the necessary resources to support women and girls in sports, The Sports Bra Project is making significant strides towards achieving gender equality in the athletic world. Their efforts showcase the importance of creating inclusive environments where women and girls can thrive, underscoring the broader message of empowerment and progress.

Fitted for Work: Empowering Women into Employment

Fitted for Work is a pioneering charity helping disadvantaged women gain independence through employment. They provide practical services such as personal outfitting, interview preparation, and mentoring programs to build confidence and skills. By breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering women to achieve economic security, Fitted for Work contributes positively to communities.

Lumia Care proudly supports Fitted for Work’s mission. We recognise the profound impact stable employment has on women’s lives and communities. Our partnership helps remove barriers and create opportunities, ensuring every woman has the tools, confidence, and support to achieve her full potential.

Women for Women International: Strengthening Women in War-Torn Regions

Women for Women International is dedicated to supporting women in war-torn regions in rebuilding their lives through comprehensive social and economic empowerment programs. This charity offers support through education, training in life skills, and income generation, enabling women to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency. Women for Women International aims to promote peace and community rebuilding in areas devastated by conflict by focusing on women’s empowerment. Lumia Care proudly supports Women for Women International in their mission, recognising the profound impact of empowering women to foster resilient communities and sustainable development. Through our collaboration, we help amplify their efforts to bring hope, strength, and opportunity to women around the world.

Regal Knitters: Providing Warmth to Those in Need

Wrap With Love Logo

Regal Knitters, founded by Patricia Shepherd in 1973, has a long history of community service. They provide wool, needles, and postage return bags to volunteers who knit squares. These squares are sent to Wrap with Love, assembled into blankets, and distributed at no cost to those in need, both in Australia and internationally.

In 1992, Wrap with Love began in Australia to help people ward off hypothermia. Over 23 years, they have sent more than 400,000 wraps to over 75 countries. Regal is proud to have contributed nearly 45,000 knitted squares during this period. This initiative not only aids recipients but also fosters a sense of purpose and community among knitters, continuing Patricia Shepherd’s vision of giving and support.

Since its inception, Regal Knitters has produced nearly 45,000 squares, resulting in over 1,600 blankets. This initiative supports not only the recipients of the blankets but also fosters a sense of purpose and community among the knitters. Regal Knitters exemplifies the power of collective effort and the significant impact of consistent acts of kindness, continuing to uphold Patricia Shepherd’s vision of giving and community support.

The Smith Family: Enhancing the Lives of Disadvantaged Children

The Smith Family logo

The Smith Family has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of disadvantaged children for a century. Throughout its evolution, The Smith Family has become a forward-thinking, evidence-based organisation focused on providing long-term educational support to children in need, helping them build brighter futures.

Currently, The Smith Family supports 62,822 students through their flagship Learning for Life program, breaking the cycle of disadvantage with targeted, sustained educational assistance. They are also expanding their careers education programs to offer more opportunities for students to transition from school to further education or the workforce.

Lumia Care proudly supports The Smith Family in their mission. By partnering with them, we help provide crucial resources and opportunities, ensuring that every child has the support they need to succeed in their education and beyond.